Which celebrity will garner the most media attention? Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears? Charlie Sheen? Choosing the right celebrity at the right time is harder than it looks.
The game begins with a draft. The draft chooses 12 celebrities for each team, based on each player's personalized celebrity wishlist.
Celebrities score points simply by being in the news. The more a celebrity is talked about, the more they score.
Predicting trends is the key to Fantasy Fame Game. Award shows, costume malfunctions, weddings, divorces, and babies are all great for media coverage.
Trends, spotlights, surprises, and faded stars litter your path to forming the perfect team. Add, Drop, or Trade your celebrities to perfect your team and Dominate the game.
Yes, Dominate. You know pop culture inside and out. Here\u2019s your chance to prove it. Play Fantasy Fame Game.