Can you       guess the celebrity that garners the most media       attention?

Why Fantasy Fame Game?

You've got a problem. Maybe more of an "issue" than an actual "problem." You are positively more intelligent than your friends. And better looking too.

But how can you prove it? You can only challenge them to retake an IQ test a few times before you are kicked off the birthday party list. And sudoku or Words with Friends? Please. Don't make me laugh.

What is Fantasy Fame Game?

Fantasy Fame Game is based on the concept of fantasy football. But fantasy football is for ninnies. Pouring over made up statistics from men in padded tights every Sunday is a pathetic excuse for a game.

Fantasy Fame Game is about predicting the future. And not just predicting the future for any old thing. Predicting the future for what really matters--pop culture trends.

How do I play?

The goal of the game is to create a team of celebrities that captures the most media attention during the game. Celebrities score simply by being in the news. If a celebrity isn't grabbing enough headlines, dropping or trading them is the key to the game. Predicting pop culture trends is tantamount to winning the game.

What does that mean?

The game can be played in 5 simple steps.

  1. Personalize your wishlist.
  2. Begin the draft, which places 12 celebrities on to your team.
  3. Scan the headlines that roll in.
  4. Add, Drop or Trade celebrities to create the most newsworthy team.
  5. Dominate Pop Culture.

Can you       guess the celebrity that garners the most media       attention?
Can you       guess the celebrity that garners the most media       attention?

Can I play against my friends?

Yes and no. You can certainly try to play with your friends (frenemies), but once you prove your superiority, will they want to play again?

There is also a game where you can play against the computer. Dominating a few simulated friends should be small potatoes for future predictors.

How many celebrities are there to choose?

Everybody is a "celebrity" in their own mind. But this game limits celebrities to those that appear in gossip magazines or entertainment sites. For the record, you are probably not one of those celebrities.

Our current database is over 1000 celebrities, with new ones added each and every week.

How long do games last?

The game last 4 weeks for games against friends and 2 weeks for games against the computer.

What does it cost?

Its $5.00 to play a game with friends, or free to play against the computer. It costs as much as a double latte to play with celebrities, chat with friends, and dominate pop culture.